Ehlers Tree Farm
Here at the Ehlers' Tree Farm you will get trees that are grown locally!!
What started as tiny Guadalupe County acorns have now turned into beautiful oak trees. We specialize in locally grown container oak trees; Live Oaks, Mexican White Oaks, Red Oaks, and Burr Oaks.
Sizes, prices, and supplies vary from 1 gallon 3-,5 gallon, 10 gallon up to the 30 gallon.  

 To add color to your landscape, we also have Crape Myrtles (1 gallon to 15 gallon) in varied colors.

The Mountain Laurels are also grown from seeds gathered here in Guadalupe County (1 gallon, 3-5 gallon, and 15 gallon.)

We also have varied sizes of Sago and Mediterranean Palms.

We are a family business, so we have no set hours.  Call, text, 
or email to set-up and appointment or visit opportunity!
830-379-5864 (leave a message on the answering machine)
830-305-1352 (cell phone, best to text)
499 Lakeview Drive
Seguin, Texas 

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